Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Turkey Transformation

I couldn't wait until tomorrow to post this. Its fresh in my mind and so eagerly wanting to be shared. As I was asked on Cafe Mom about memorable Thanksgiving's, I forgot one that needs a good laughing to.

When we were younger, my brother, sis, and me, always had Thanksgiving dinner at home. My dad was the one that cooked that luscious piece of meat. Normally it was cooked in the old fashioned 'turkey in a bag' method, but on one Thanksgiving, my dad had spent some time researching and announced early that he was going to try a new technique. My dad was always inquisitive and loved to learn new foods, etc. I just looked at my brother and thought "well this could either be very good or very bad." Remembering the turkey that the Griswold's had, and its bad luck and dryness; I didn't count my lucky stars.

Well, that day had arrived and my dad was walking about, almost prancing at that chance to try his new found recipe. He walked in the kitchen, gave the turkey a bath ( or so we thought at the time) and grabbed a big syringe. He looked over at my brother and said " I am going to make this turkey into a girl turkey." And my brother looking puzzled as he watched my dad from aside, poke and prod at the turkey. With a few grunts and a few jabs, he stepped back and gave a smirk-ish grin. Usually when he gave this grin, you knew he was up to no good; as my dad was the king of all pranksters.
My brother took a couple steps closer and yelled, " Dad!! You really did it!! The turkey has boobies!!" All that poking was just a quick augmentation of butter filled cavities and gave the turkey a new, more feminine appearance.
Yeah it might be quite silly and a tad bit awkward. But to a 7yo boy, that was a masterpiece. I will never forget looking at my brother and seeing his eyes grow to be bigger than silver dollars. And still to this day we ask my dad if he is going to transform the turkey and give it a boob job. Silly to think a bunch of adults sitting around on Thanksgiving talking about such a thing; but why not? Its a great memory and one that we are thankful to share.


NeverTooOld said...

Too funny, great story and yes, that's what memories are made of!! Wonderful!!

All The Best~!

Jack said...

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John Kim said...

Your dad is a letch. LOL