Saturday, June 19, 2010


I have been a little down in the dumps today. With next Saturday being my first craft show, you would think I would be excited; think again. I am just not feeling my perky self today; feeling like I am alone in my creative world. My husband showed today how much he is a non supporter of my shop, and that made me loose all hope.
I was talking today about what I still needed for the show or farmers market. I have tables, tent, and product but nothing to put or display them on. Franticly I went online seeing if there was a how to on a display that I could do. I found a couple of ideas but nothing that really caught my eye. Well I finally found something that did, mesh crate cubes at Walmart. They were only 19 bucks and I could use them for other things later on; good deal. But by my husbands sour smirk and huff; it suddenly turned from exciting to shattered dreams. I wont ramble on much more about this; lets just say I'm still a little teary eyed about the ordeal.
I just feel like I am trying soo hard but hitting a brick wall at every corner. I soo would love my real first sale; that I would go beg and plea a stranger off the street to buy one. I want people to love my things just as much as I do. What am I doing wrong or heck, what am I doing right for that matter??? For now I will just keep chucking away. I still have alot more things to make before next Saturday. Who knows; I might have a good day. But I feel if I have a bad turnout; it will break me.