Sunday, August 29, 2010

Lesson Learned

Today I learned the hard way to never talk about politics on facebook. It didn't neccesarily start up as politics but it very well ended that way. So here's the scoop:

A friend of mine today had said that she had seen an Islamic man wearing a shirt with an Bin Laden picture and was outraged that he would be allowed into a public place wearing it. I asked, " Did you get a good look at the shirt?" and she kinda threw back almost in disgust and merely stated that she had just seen the image although it may have had writing on it. Now I am not one to take things quite litterally. To me she also seemed that she had pre-judged him and placed him into the normal stereotype as if she was filing books upon a shelf. I thought, it could possibly be one of those t-shirts that say Wanted and have his mug shut; more or less demeaning Bin Laden, not condoning him.

This little scenario got me to boldly ask my face-friends ( facebook friends) what their first reaction was. I did leave out the Warning tee part so I would not taint the answer. Only a handful of people responded and it was mix emotion. However none of them really asked what else was on the shirt or if it was a mockery, etc. So I had explained my answer and the reason for asking. I more or less wanted to see if we, as Americans, do tend to prejudge before we know the whole truth or story.

Somehow out of this debate; it got led into abortion and the mosque. Now how on earth these two can be comparable; you have me. I warned to please tread softly and that I don't want flames coming out of anyones ears. Did they listen; oh no. What was once a simple question of judgement fell into bad judgement on my part. It had turned into a full blown debate on abortion. Yikes!

So why am I writing about this? Lets just say let this be a true lessoned learned for anyone. If you want to fire up a debate that is fine; but do not underestimate people's opinions and think that someone will not get hurt in the end. We all feel passionate about our feelings and what we think is right and most of us will feel threatened if others feel otherwise. Abortion is definately not an easy subject to talk about and has too many unspecifics or not a cut-throat answer. If you want to debate; make it about something positive like ways you can save on energy or maybe local govermental issues. But head my warning; if you open a can of worms, you might get a little more than you bargained for.