Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Turkey Transformation

I couldn't wait until tomorrow to post this. Its fresh in my mind and so eagerly wanting to be shared. As I was asked on Cafe Mom about memorable Thanksgiving's, I forgot one that needs a good laughing to.

When we were younger, my brother, sis, and me, always had Thanksgiving dinner at home. My dad was the one that cooked that luscious piece of meat. Normally it was cooked in the old fashioned 'turkey in a bag' method, but on one Thanksgiving, my dad had spent some time researching and announced early that he was going to try a new technique. My dad was always inquisitive and loved to learn new foods, etc. I just looked at my brother and thought "well this could either be very good or very bad." Remembering the turkey that the Griswold's had, and its bad luck and dryness; I didn't count my lucky stars.

Well, that day had arrived and my dad was walking about, almost prancing at that chance to try his new found recipe. He walked in the kitchen, gave the turkey a bath ( or so we thought at the time) and grabbed a big syringe. He looked over at my brother and said " I am going to make this turkey into a girl turkey." And my brother looking puzzled as he watched my dad from aside, poke and prod at the turkey. With a few grunts and a few jabs, he stepped back and gave a smirk-ish grin. Usually when he gave this grin, you knew he was up to no good; as my dad was the king of all pranksters.
My brother took a couple steps closer and yelled, " Dad!! You really did it!! The turkey has boobies!!" All that poking was just a quick augmentation of butter filled cavities and gave the turkey a new, more feminine appearance.
Yeah it might be quite silly and a tad bit awkward. But to a 7yo boy, that was a masterpiece. I will never forget looking at my brother and seeing his eyes grow to be bigger than silver dollars. And still to this day we ask my dad if he is going to transform the turkey and give it a boob job. Silly to think a bunch of adults sitting around on Thanksgiving talking about such a thing; but why not? Its a great memory and one that we are thankful to share.

Its a stress feeding frenzy out there

I dread every morning. Not because its a rush to wake up and get the kids going but my husband turns on the dreaded news. I used to love the news when I was younger. I found it so fascinating to learn what was happening half a globe away; auto tuning into the good not the bad. However, in today's society that auto tuning has become harder and harder to do.

So as I quickly shut it off while hearing about some shooting, I thought well can't hurt to face book right? Yeah right; I got lured into my local Fox news station post saying "Ouch!" and then this picture:

Looks harmless right? Just a story about the prices going up like they normally would as we get closer to the holidays. But as I happen to scroll down the first thing I notice are the insane posts. Insane meaning some were blaming the president to the mayor to their own dog. For crying out loud, it was ridiculous and a tad bit humorous. I didn't know whether to just burst out laughing or comment back recommending a local psychiatrist.
We have become so consumed in the news and media that we forget the normal passing of rites ( rites meaning normal inflation around the holidays). Then again I would like to say a big thank you to the newscasters. Thanks for keeping a stress-feeding frenzy in our homes. True there are some people that would say " OH Lord they just said that watching Fox News will give us Cancer so I'm gonna unplug the tv and go get a MRI." Someone will always take it above and beyond the reasoning of insanity. However, for grounded people like myself.. ahem.. I just like to Laugh Out Loud at the weak attempts.

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Dont mind me..

Just adding my blog to Digg ( http://www.digg.com/). Please don't think I have lost my mind; although my kids will tell you differently LOL!!!

Share everything but germs this season

As it gets colder and winter swings into full gear we all soon dread that most feared thing about winter; colds and flu. After my 5 year old got sick a few weeks ago he said," Mommy, these bad germs need to go back to hiding under the leaves. If they are cold, I will bring them a blanket cause I don't want them living with us anymore." I gues he imagined that the cold was indeed something that was cold, perhaps like a small cartoon like dust bunny, and it was nestled under the pile of leaves to keep warm.

I had explained that a cold was germs that we could not see and leaving a blanket outside will not lessen our chances of getting sick. Instead, I helped him thoroughly wash his hands and gave him some Clear Defense Hand Gel.  This handy gel has only 2 ingredients; Ethenyl Alcohol and T36-C5 Melaleuca oil which is tea tree oil. Most antibacteria gels have tons more chemical products with are very caustic and harmful if you inhale enough of it.


So while you're out and about this season; remember to grab some and keep it in your pocket or purse. We will all gladly accept hugs; we just don't want the germs.