Monday, August 23, 2010

Pigs in a Blanket, has a whole new meaning

I was thinking last night while sitting around our fire pit, eating marshmellows, about what I missed about summer the most. I mainly miss family gatherings and the big cookouts that my folks would have at their house during July. Thinking back on that it only brought one thought "Pig ( well technically a hog) in a blanket".

One summer when I was 10, my family was getting ready for our annual hog roast. I was sitting with my best friend playing when all of a sudden my dad runs in my room, sweating as if he had just been chased. He shuts the door quietly and says " You two, whatever you do, do not go into the bathroom. I killed a man and I put him in the tub." Now knowing my dad, he is the ultimate prankster and will do anything for a good laugh. We just shrugged it off and decided to see for ourselves.
After he left our room, me and my best friend gave each other the " lets go look" nod, and tip toed out to the hallway. When we got into the bathroom, I instantly noticed that my old sleeping blanket was in the tub and looked as if there was indeed something hidden under there. With a gulp and a big breathe, I peered slowly under the blanket only to see pink flesh underneath. We screamed with all of our might and ran back to our room. Bursting into tears all I could think of was that I was going to jail for a very long time. I even pondered in seeing if I could run away to my grandmothers so that I could atleast stay out of jail.
And in that last thought and loud 'oh my god, what'll we do,' I heard the faint laughter of my dad and my best friends dad outside my bedroom window. I quickly opened it to harp at them for laughing at a time like this. They had finally got us quiet enough to explain that it was only a hog that they had no where else to thaw.

I had never seen an actual hog; only when it had been cooked in a roaster and on my plate. All I knew is that my reaction went from being to scared out of mind to revenge. I eventually started talking to my dad after I realized that I could not outsmart a prankster ( besides I could never keep a straight face when I tried to pull a prank). And every summer from then on out; whenever someone says 'pig in a blanket' we tell the tale and reminesce of the good ole days.