Thursday, October 14, 2010

Things to do Thursday

So much to do!! Finally having normal flow in my house I can finally get caught up on some cleaning without worry. Two years ago the city repaved the street and new curb. The new curb is what crushed our sewer line, so, they came out in full force and fixed it in two days. I was happy to see it fixed, not to mention the very handsome men that work sweating away.

I should also be received my rhinestone buttons today so that means 20 new zebra and cheetah flower headbands to be made, YAY!! I have tons of crotchet headbands and have been patiently waiting to get all of my product to assemble these beauts.

Another to do is see if I can still send in my vendor application for a local craft show that is coming up. I haven't got nearly as much product as I would like. However, I think once I get that approval, I will shift into Go mode. Until then its unto baking more korker piggies.