Sunday, July 11, 2010

Spirit Bow Giveaway!!!!

I finally broke down and decided to do a give away. With everyone else doing cool stuff; I thought I would join in on the fun. I will make this extremely simple. All you have to do is just reply to either here, my blog; or you can go to my fb page here and click under the discussion tab.
This giveaway will run today through July 17th. Then at midnight ( EST) I will select a winner from and announce the winner. The winner will have 12 hrs to respond back.

Now for the fun part... The winner will get a totally customizeable spirit bow. You choose the colors and choose the image you would like for the bottlecap. Whether its for your daughter school or your favorite team, it is totally up to you. I am pretty good with photoshop so don't let creativity slip out the door. I will work one on one with you untill you are totally satisfied with it.

Easy enough?? Then what are you waiting for.. start replying!!