Friday, June 11, 2010

Forum about the BP Oil Crisis...

A dear etsy chatter, Jojosart, started a forum thread about the BP Oil Crisis that I wanted to share with everyone. This is something that I think that is all dear to our hearts and just a little more closer to the fact of how much we have created this heavy polluted world.

So with out further babbling.. click the link and share your views please. Thanks Bunches!!

Here is also a link to the drawing created by Jojo as well...

How it got started...

My oldest daughter, Kimmie, and her softball team Medieval Monkeys is what truly inspired me to start creating. When I saw her yellow, polka dotted socks I knew there was much more to bloom in this industry but wasn't sure really which direction to take. I can't very well make those kind of socks and buying them from a manufacturer specifically for softball or soccer was a little too pricey. So I kept with the basics. They had to keep the hair out of their faces so why not incorporate bows and sports together. Interweave the two.

Now from my daughters view along with her other team mates, french barretts hurt when they wear them under their helmet. But alligator clips are "perrrrfect!" When its time for batting, they just take it out and clip it to either their cleats or their glove. "Its my lucky bow; I'm not taking it off," exclaimed Bri when Coach Jim looked at her puzzled. He just looked at me as smiled. They day I gave them their Monkey Charm bow ( yellow, black and white bow with a monkey face charn in the center); they had won 18-15. They proudly wore them every game afterwards, ( sadly the charm wore off since they had a 1-9 record this year). Eventhough they didn't win; it gave them courage to try and try harder.

Who am I??

Yeppers, that is me; crazed and held to a dare by my 10 yo daughter, Kimmie. I'm a mom of 4, who well.. acts just as much like a child as they do. Now I am not saying I throw temper tantrums and throw my diaper when I get mad. LOL! Im just saying that my imagination is as vivid as it was 30 years ago. Im not afraid to get dirty nor am I afraid to stand up for what I think is right. Afterall, thats what a mom does best, right?

Here's my crew. This was taken last year and looking back at this I have noticed how much this year has made a difference. These guys right here are my life; what I wake up for and what I go to bed dreaming about. Now sometimes that might mean dreaming about a Hannah Monster wreaking havoc on the city because she doesn't want to pee in the potty. However, most of the time its joyous. There is nothing better than waking up to snickering when there are little ones at the end of the bed, just waiting for you to tickle them.


Thank you times infinity for taking a look at my blog. I just started(duh!) but am not new to blogging. Anywho, I hope you stop by often to take a peek at what I ramble on about my days. Soo, with out further ado.. welcome and let the good times roll.