Monday, October 11, 2010

Manic Monday has a whole new meaning today.

I am literally knee high in dodo today. Over the weekend we realized that our clean outs ( vents coming up to the surface from sewer line) was spewing, yes spewing, every time we ran water. I had never seen it happen and from the ground seepage, it looked like it been doing that for a couple of days. So we call our home warranty and think that everything is hokey dory. Yeah right

The plumber comes out on Sunday and informs us that we have a line break. I thought to myself, okay not bad that is something the warranty will cover. However, on Monday/today, I found that to be totally wrong. They only cover line breaks inside the home not outside. So grabbing a shovel I dig my little heart out. After 4 hours and not finding the line I call the gentleman that came out. " Oh no hun, the break is under the curb or the street. You wont find it there." I hung up, grabbed a pillow, and screamed my lungs out in it. My worst nightmare was now a reality. How in the world would I be able to afford that??? And now I will have to get the city involved; which I hate to say is never an easy task. I don't have weeks for them to casually come when they feel and fix it; I need it done quick. I cannot sit here smelling the revolting smell of human heap from my living room and watch it spew into my yard any longer.

Hopefully tomorrow will be promising, with plenty of delicious smelling candles lighting the way.