Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Its a stress feeding frenzy out there

I dread every morning. Not because its a rush to wake up and get the kids going but my husband turns on the dreaded news. I used to love the news when I was younger. I found it so fascinating to learn what was happening half a globe away; auto tuning into the good not the bad. However, in today's society that auto tuning has become harder and harder to do.

So as I quickly shut it off while hearing about some shooting, I thought well can't hurt to face book right? Yeah right; I got lured into my local Fox news station post saying "Ouch!" and then this picture:

Looks harmless right? Just a story about the prices going up like they normally would as we get closer to the holidays. But as I happen to scroll down the first thing I notice are the insane posts. Insane meaning some were blaming the president to the mayor to their own dog. For crying out loud, it was ridiculous and a tad bit humorous. I didn't know whether to just burst out laughing or comment back recommending a local psychiatrist.
We have become so consumed in the news and media that we forget the normal passing of rites ( rites meaning normal inflation around the holidays). Then again I would like to say a big thank you to the newscasters. Thanks for keeping a stress-feeding frenzy in our homes. True there are some people that would say " OH Lord they just said that watching Fox News will give us Cancer so I'm gonna unplug the tv and go get a MRI." Someone will always take it above and beyond the reasoning of insanity. However, for grounded people like myself.. ahem.. I just like to Laugh Out Loud at the weak attempts.

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