Saturday, June 19, 2010


I have been a little down in the dumps today. With next Saturday being my first craft show, you would think I would be excited; think again. I am just not feeling my perky self today; feeling like I am alone in my creative world. My husband showed today how much he is a non supporter of my shop, and that made me loose all hope.
I was talking today about what I still needed for the show or farmers market. I have tables, tent, and product but nothing to put or display them on. Franticly I went online seeing if there was a how to on a display that I could do. I found a couple of ideas but nothing that really caught my eye. Well I finally found something that did, mesh crate cubes at Walmart. They were only 19 bucks and I could use them for other things later on; good deal. But by my husbands sour smirk and huff; it suddenly turned from exciting to shattered dreams. I wont ramble on much more about this; lets just say I'm still a little teary eyed about the ordeal.
I just feel like I am trying soo hard but hitting a brick wall at every corner. I soo would love my real first sale; that I would go beg and plea a stranger off the street to buy one. I want people to love my things just as much as I do. What am I doing wrong or heck, what am I doing right for that matter??? For now I will just keep chucking away. I still have alot more things to make before next Saturday. Who knows; I might have a good day. But I feel if I have a bad turnout; it will break me.


lilylanecrochet said...

Awww soooo sorry to hear that hun. Guys can be so insensitive at times and sometimes they know it and sometimes not. Was he having a moody day? When my guy gets like that, I just quit talking to him about it and go on about my stuff and wait for him to ask. Eventually he realizes that I havn't shared anything with him in awhile and will be concerned. I sure hope your days get better leading up till Saturday. I'm rooting for you and hope you have a great turnout! I have found some cute and cheap items that would make great display items/props at Hobby Lobby, if you have one of those near you.

Katherine said...

First of all, I think your stuff is super cute!

Sometimes guys can be sour pusses about such random things. My guy is supportive of my geeky crafts, but he gets frumpy and non-supportive of other things so I know how you feel.

Don't let the turnout spoil your fun. Half of the fun at craft fairs is selling; the other half is (in my opinion) talking to the other crafty people there, seeing what they're doing and making new crafty friends. You might network and make connections that will help you later on in ways you can't know about now!

NeverTooOld said...

It's very saddening to hear that your spouse was/is non-supportive in your ventures to promote and sell your creative works, be it intentional or not, bad day or good. As a guy I must say that it's a travesty to hear of those who don't support their significant others in what ever they do unless the significant other requests such criticism's. I too suffer from that in which my spouse has no interest in my dealings as a junq'r whatsoever, however I am not bothered by it as I deem it a necessary part of my life to do what I do, nor do I hold resentment. I on the other hand support everything she does without reserve and believe every man should support and encourage his partner in every way possible as it will do nothing but good and leave an endearing impression upon the recipient. Don't ever give up hope and remember that we reap what we sow.